Meet our coffee farmers. Our coffee growers are committed to practicing organic methods and producing high-quality beans while protecting the environment. By avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, they ensure that their coffee is free of harmful chemicals that can harm the environment and the people who consume it. Instead, they rely on natural methods such as composting and crop rotation to maintain healthy soil and prevent pests and diseases. This not only benefits the farmers and their communities, but also the consumers who can enjoy a delicious cup of sustainable and healthy coffee. Ay! Avemaria Coffee is proud to partner with these highly skilled Colombian Cafecultores.

Project Name

Proyecto Renacer

City: Comuna 8 de Medellín-Barrio la Sierra
Date to start growing specialty coffees: 2016
Number of producers/farms in the project: The project is composed of more than 30 coffee growers with 13 small farms (2 acres on average).
Altitude: 2000 meters above sea level.
Varieties of coffee produced:  Castillo, Bourbon, Caturra, Pajarito, Cenicafe. 
Their Purpose: Proyecto Renacer means Rebirth. It benefits more than 30 coffee-producing families directly located in the upper part of La Sierra. It has an extensive social impact on the entire Sierra neighborhood through recreational activities for the children and provides alternative, legal, and decent working opportunities in the neighborhood. This is especially true after a violent past led by cartels and gangs. Proyecto Renace is about the rebirth of a community. 
Proyecto Renacer has a few main fermentation protocols, including Tropical Summer. Tropical Summer is a special recipe developed by Jonathan and Cristian Raigosa. After picking the cherries they are de-pulped into a musicale (honey) state and then they enter into a tank to undergo anaerobic fermentation of 170 hours! The result is a yellow fruit profile coffee that will remind you of the tropics.
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Project Name


Town/Village: Caicedo, Antioquia, Colombia
Cultivate specialty coffees since 2012
The number of producers/farms in the Project:  38 direct producers (Families)
Altitude: 1,830 meters above sea level.Varieties of coffee produced: Castillo, Caturro, Caturro Chirroso.
Aprokafes was born, with the mission of creating a collective of coffee growers with the purpose of improving the living conditions of both producers and the Caicedo Community; characterized by the application of good agricultural practices. 
Benefits of Aprokafe´s buying center: 
  • Advance quality control practices to meet specialty coffee requirements.
  • A storage facility that meets specialty coffee standards.
  • Coffee tree nutrition program and training.
  • Provides youth engagement and career opportunities in the coffee industry.
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Project Name

A Collaboration between Proyecto Renacer and Finca Las Brisas 

City: Pereira 
Altitude: 1600 meters above sea level.
Varieties of coffee produced: Castillo, Caturra
Red Bomb is a washed double-fermented coffee developed by Jonathan and Cristian Raigosa. After selectively harvesting the cherries. The cherries rest for 26 hours and then are de-pulped and put in a tank to undergo anaerobic fermentation for 50 hours! The name Red Bomb is given after the berries and cacao nib notes that give you a fruity and aromatic aftertaste. 
Although Proyecto Renacer is the creator of Red Bomb, the coffee is produced at Finca Las Brisas located in Pereria.  La Brisas is a place where responsibility for the environment, the suppliers, and the quality of coffee are paramount in their cultivation process.  As a result, Red Bomb is a coffee with social and environmental sustainability under the premise of efficiency and quality.                                           
Las Brisas was one of the first and oldest farms in the country to fully implement their EcoMill, which, along with other initiatives, reduces the water needed to process.
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Project Name

La Linda Geisha

Farm Name: La Linda
Producer: Clara Arroyave
Town: Andes
Altitude: 1700
Variety:  Geisha
Process: Washed
Purpose: Andes, the town where La Linda is located, is the largest municipality in the southwest region of Antioquia. Despite being one of the furthest towns from the main city, Medellín, it has the most development. It is considered the capital of the southwest. La Linda has a large expanse of forests that are cared for as a natural reserve, in which various species of fauna and flora inhabit. Clara received the administration of the family farm a few years ago. Clara has been instrumental in increasing productivity, refining the business model, creating new marketing strategies to achieve greater added value, and increasing technology in farm processes. Most importantly, Clara is an intricate member of preserving the natural reserve of the region. La Linda produces a high-scoring geisha coffee, gaining popularity and prestige worldwide. 
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Project Name

Tierra Franca

Explore the World of Specialty Coffee: Where Education Meets Conservation

Alejandro Franco has dedicated himself to the world of coffee. His family, of humble origin, for generations instilled in him a great feeling of roots and love for the land.

Alejandro lives on his farm, El Diamante, located just 5 minutes from the urban area of the municipality of Libano. Here, he develops the protocols that have allowed his coffee to be known throughout the country. Alejandro believes that we must be responsible for the soils, taking care of every millimeter with good practices in order to establish regenerative agriculture.

Alejandro believes in community service, and therefore, opens spaces for learning. With the help of other coffee growers in the region, he created the Norte Nativa Association, which is made up of entrepreneurs from Villa Hermosa, Casa Bianca, Murillo, as well as different villages in Libano such as La Marcada, La Trina, La Gregorita, among others.

For Alejandro, the greatest legacy that his father could have left him is the love of learning and taking his experiences to share them with others.

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